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Above: Summit FM General Manager Tommy Bruno and Jim Chenot "Attitude for Gratitude" scholarship recipient Ujal Gurung.

Ujal Gurung, the recipient of the Jim Chenot Attitude for Gratitude Scholarship, recently graduated from Akron Public Schools, specifically from Akron Early College.

Ujal’s journey is a testament to hard work, sacrifice, and determination, having completed 16 college classes and earning over fifty college credits during his high school years. His remarkable achievements reflect his grit and dedication.

Ujal is now set to pursue his dreams in flight school at Kent State this fall. The Summit FM is immensely proud to honor this courageous and gifted young man for his exceptional accomplishments and bright future ahead.

For more information about The Summit FM and its scholarship programs, please visit 

All tax-deductible contributions to the “Jim Chenot Attitude for Gratitude Scholarship” are made through the Akron Community Foundation

Above: Summit FM General Manager Tommy Bruno and Dennis Spisak "Attitude for Gratitude" scholarship recipient Gianna Cannon.

May 16, 2024: The Summit FM proudly announces Gianna Cannon as the recipient of the 2024 Dennis Spisak “Attitude for Gratitude” Scholarship. Awarded $1000, this scholarship is a testament to Gianna’s resilience and exemplary decision-making.

The Struthers City Schools senior begins her academic journey at Ohio State University this fall. The scholarship committee was drawn to her remarkable story of overcoming adversity and demonstrating sound judgment.

The Dennis Spisak “Attitude for Gratitude” Scholarship is dedicated to recognizing students who have faced significant challenges in life and have emerged stronger by making positive choices. Applicants must reflect on their experiences, detailing the obstacles they have overcome and the decisions that have shaped their paths.

Gianna Cannon's narrative resonated deeply with the values embodied by the scholarship. Her determination, perseverance, and commitment to excellence make her a deserving recipient of this honor.

"We are thrilled to present Gianna Cannon with the Dennis Spisak “Attitude for Gratitude” Scholarship," said Tommy Bruno, general manager of The Summit FM. "Her story is a testament to the power of resilience and the importance of making good decisions despite adversity. We are confident that Gianna will continue to excel in her academic pursuits and beyond."

The Summit FM extends its warmest congratulations to Gianna Cannon and wishes her continued success as she embarks on this new chapter of her academic journey.

For more information about The Summit FM and its scholarship programs, please visit 

All tax-deductible contributions to the “Dennis Spisak Attitude for Gratitude Scholarship” are made through the Community Foundation of Mahoning Valley

Crank up the Summit FM and hit the road this summer! You can find The Summit at many events and concerts, all over Northeast Ohio, Athens, and beyond!

Click the logos below to find out more about the wide-ranging events from our community partners:

By Ryan Humbert - Summit FM Contributor

Here are the five new Americana songs that you need to hear right now! Enjoy!

Don't forget to tune into the Americana Roundup, every Sunday morning from 9 to 11AM on The Summit FM -- hosted by Ryan Humbert, lead singer of the Shootouts. For more information, visit

Chris Stapleton & Slash
"Oh Well"

Chris Stapleton always hits homers, with his incredible voice leading the charge. Usually, that's on one of his own songs, but his cover songs are usually worth seeking out too. This one is no different -- it finds Chris teaming up with legendary Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash for a blistering take on the Peter Green / Fleetwood Mac classic "Oh Well." The song will be on Slash's upcoming album "Orgy of the Damned." Buckle up.

The Mavericks w/ Nicole Atkins
"Live Close By (Visit Often)"

The Mavericks are one of America's best bands. Period. If you're looking for evidence of that claim, check out almost any of their albums -- or the new single from their upcoming album "Moon & Stars." This song finds Raul Malo and band performing a song cowritten and originally performed by late country starlet KT Oslin.

Maggie Rose
"No One Gets Out Alive"

Powerhouse vocalist Maggie Rose returns with another soulful album with the recent release of "No One Gets Out Alive." The album finds her continuing to mine her soul and roots influences, backed by her incredible voice. The title track to the album is one of the many highlights.

Kyshona feat. Keb Mo

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Kyshona got her start as a music therapist, writing her first songs with patients, students and inmates. She began writing on her own and found her own voice. And what a voice it is -- check out this groovy slice of soul from her new project LEGACY. The song features a little help for the legendary Keb Mo too!

The Avett Brothers
"Country Kid"

The Avett Brothers are back with a new self-titled album featuring this fun trip down memory lane -- with a great music video to boot!

L to R: Mrs. Celeste Wagner, Director of Bands, Barberton High School - Tommy Bruno, General Manager, The Summit FM - Mr. Henry Muren, Principal, Barberton High School

The Summit FM’s Marilyn Stroud Music Alive Program is proud to announce a new partnership with Barberton City Schools. This unique “up-cycling” initiative will provide Barberton students increased access to refurbished musical instruments and music education opportunities.

"We are thrilled to welcome Barberton City Schools as the newest member of our public radio station’s popular Music Alive program," said Tommy Bruno, General Manager at The Summit FM. "Through this collaboration, we aim to inspire a lifelong love of music and ignite creativity among Barberton's students."

Launched in 2008 by The Summit FM (91.3 FM Akron-Canton), the Marilyn Stroud Music Alive Program has donated hundreds of refurbished instruments to regional public schools. As a nonprofit public radio station, The Summit FM believes every child deserves to explore their musical talents and experience the joy of creating music.

"Music education plays a vital role in a well-rounded curriculum," said Jeffrey Ramntyz, Superintendent of Barberton City Schools. "We are grateful for the Summit FM's generosity and commitment to empowering our students through the gift of music."

Barberton City Schools joins other partners such as Akron, Canton, Struthers-Youngstown, and Athens to benefit from the Music Alive program. The Summit FM will work closely with Barberton's staff to coordinate instrument deliveries.  

For more information about the Music Alive program, please visit or contact Tommy Bruno at

By Ryan Humbert - Summit FM Contributor

The Americana community and genre covers such a wide, diverse group of musicians and songs that there's bound to be something for everyone. Here are five new songs that you should check out right now. Enjoy!

Don't forget to tune into the Americana Roundup, every Sunday morning from 9 to 11AM on The Summit FM -- hosted by Ryan Humbert, lead singer of the Shootouts. For more information, visit

Boy Golden - "The King of Western Swing"

This is one of my favorite recent releases. This stirring story tune tells the true story of Spade Cooley -- western swing superstar turned convicted murderer! Listen if you dare!

Aaron Lee Tasjan - "Late Night Grande Hotel" (Feat. Patty Griffin)

This track comes from a beautiful new tribute album to the late, great Nanci Griffith. Aaron Lee is joined by the incredible Patty Griffin for a poignant and touching rendition of this Griffith classic. I highly recommend you check out the whole tribute album, "More Than a Whisper," available now and featuring this track, as well as the War and Treaty, Steve Earle, John Prine, Kelsey Waldon, Emmylou Harris and more.

Lindsay Lou - "Nothing's Working" (Feat. Billy Strings)

This cool new tune from Lindsay Lou blurs the lines between indie music and bluegrass. Billy Strings offers harmonies on this dark yet catchy ballad.

Amos Lee - "Greenville"

Amos Lee has always been a fan of Lucinda Williams, even featuring her on his song "Clear Blue Eyes" from the album "Mission Bell." Now, he's paying tribute to her with a complete album of Lucinda covers, dropping exclusively as part of Record Store Day Black Friday!

Wyatt Flores - "West of Tulsa"

Wyatt Flores has organically garnered fans over the past year and appears to be on the same meteoric path as fellow Oklahomian Zach Bryan. He has 14 dates on the books right now -- and 8 are sold out. Trust me --give this guy a listen!

To support and enrich music education in Stark country, The Summit FM is thrilled to announce a donation of instruments to Canton City School District. The station’s “Music Alive” program aims to provide students with enhanced opportunities to explore and develop their musical talents, foster creativity and a deeper appreciation for the arts.

As part of its commitment to promoting cultural enrichment and education, The Summit FM has recognized the importance of a well-rounded education that includes access to the arts. By partnering with several area school systems, the station is taking a proactive step towards ensuring students have the resources to engage in meaningful musical experiences.

The donation includes a variety of string instruments, ranging from electric, acoustic, and bass guitars. These instruments are intended to cater to a wide range of musical interests and talents among the students. The goal is to provide the tools for students to learn to play these instruments and inspire a lifelong love for music.

"We firmly believe that music is a universal language that can unite communities and inspire individuals," said Tommy Bruno, General Manager of The Summit FM. "Through this donation, we hope to nurture students' musical talents and contribute to a more vibrant and culturally enriched society."

The Marilyn Stroud Music Alive Program reflects a commitment to the growth and development of our regional arts community. This collaboration with our partner school distracts showcases the positive impact that can be achieved when organizations come together to support education and the arts.

The Canton City Schools music department expressed gratitude for the donation, recognizing the significance of having access to quality musical instruments. "This generous donation will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on our students," said George Dean, music educator at Canton City Schools. "It will open up new avenues of learning, self-expression, and creativity that will stay with them throughout their lives."

Both The Summit FM and Canton City Schools are excited about the potential of this partnership to inspire students and create a more vibrant local arts community. The donated instruments will be put to immediate use in music classes, school performances, and various extracurricular activities.

For more information about The Marilyn Stroud Music Alive Program, or to make an instrument or cash donation, click here or call 330.761.3099. 

By Chad Miller - Summit FM Music Director

Since way back in 2005, the Nelsonville Music Festival, founded by Stuart's Opera House, has been a recognized leader -- albeit on a smaller scale -- as one of the most successfully and musically diverse annual music festivals in the country. Last year, over Labor Day weekend, was its first appearance in its new home at the Snow Fork Event Center camping site just outside of town, and it was my first year attending as well. I absolutely loved it there -- from the all the great artists performing over the weekend to the beautiful surroundings of its new location -- and everything in between. I kept saying to myself while I was there that weekend that as a music nerd and avid concert goer, why hadn't I ever been to this before?!

This year's Nelsonville Music Festival will make its return to the Snow Fork Event Center from July 21-23 and I'm so excited to get down there and take it all in and see as much live music as I possibly can! Below are some of the acts I'm looking forward to seeing the most:

Who all is going? If so, who are YOU looking forward to seeing?? Check out the full line up here:

Like what you hear? Please email me at and let me know what you think!

Kurt Vile & the Violators "One Trick Ponies"

Headlining the Friday, July 21st portion of the festival, this one comes from his 2018 album "Bottle It In" and really is an infectious laid-back groove as only Kurt Vile can do with his laconic and chill style. The backing vocals over the chorus make this singalong even more enjoyable. Kurt Vile joined Summit members for a very memorable Studio C session back on April 1st, 2016 as well. This will be a bittersweet appearance though as longtime Violators guitarist Rob Laasko recently passed away of cancer in early May.

Alex G "Runner"

Headlining the Saturday, July 22nd portion of the festival, this song was one of the biggest at non-commercial public radio back in late 2022 from his latest album "God Save the Animals". A rather prolific independent artist from the Philadelphia area, he's always been one to embrace the lo-fi aesthetic and is known for writing complex songs with deceptively catchy hooks. This song is no different as it includes many different things going on with it that make it a serious earworm once it lodges itself into your brain.

Margo Price "Been to the Mountain" 

Appearing as part of the Saturday, July 22nd portion of the festival, this in-your-face song from Margo is on her latest album "Strays", her fourth full length which was one of this year's first album releases. So much of her music leans into her overcoming obstacles and being resilient and this song really takes that personification up a notch, by telling a fiery truth of all she's been through to get to this point in her career, and most importantly, her life up to the present day.

Big Thief "Dried Roses"

Headlining the Sunday, July 23rd portion of the festival, a band that is uniquely their own in only the idiosyncratic way they can be, Big Thief comes to Nelsonville with not just a huge cult following, but also a great sense of freewheeling looseness with their music as of late. This deep cut from their latest double album"Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You" has been one of my personal favorite new music discoveries of the last several years. This is a beautifully simple and spare song that makes me think of the quiet moments of living in a farmhouse way out in the country and the simple routine of waking up very early on a winter's morning and slowly starting one's day.

Alvvays "Belinda Says"

Appearing as part of the Sunday, July 23rd portion of the festival, this beloved indie pop band from Toronto comes in with their third album "Blue Rev" being one of the most well received of 2022 and a Juno Award earlier this year (Canada's version of the Grammys) for Alternative Album of the Year. This particular track is a standout to me as it's also representative of the album as a whole going away a bit from the sticky sweet pop leaning jangle rock of their first two albums in favor of a more shoegaze-y slightly noisier sound on this record. A terrific and fun live band that I can't wait to see this year at Nelsonville!

Wednesday "Quarry"  

Appearing as part of the Sunday, July 23rd portion of the festival, this band out of Asheville, North Carolina have themselves arguably one of the biggest indie rock hits of the year with this song off their new album "Rat Saw God". There's quite a story being told in this song as it describes all the goings on of a shady cast of characters in a neighborhood that makes you want to find out even more about them and what other secrets they're keeping from us. All of this while being very melodic even as it crashes into grunge rock territory throughout. 


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