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CPB Diversity Requirement Checklist



Tommy Bruno/General Manager/330 761 3095/
Andrew James/Director of Operations/330 761 3099/
Brad Savage/Program Director/330 761 3098/
Chad Miller/Music Director/330 761 3104/
Garrett Hart/Director of Creative Content/330 761 3199/
Laura Smiley/Underwriting Director/330 761 1667/


The Board of Education is the official body representing the citizens of Akron on all matters of public education. The Board is non-partisan and non-sectarian. Its members are elected at-large for four-year terms.

N.J. Akbar, Ph.D.
Derrick Hall
Bruce Alexander
Diana Autry
Patrick Bravo
Lisa Mansfield
Valerie McKitrick

The Board of Education is composed of seven members assisted by an appointed officer – the treasurer. The Board president and vice president are elected from the membership at the first meeting of each calendar year. A complete list of open meeting dates is found at Meetings take place at the Akron Board of Education Board Room at 70 North Broadway, Akron, Ohio 44301.

Each fiscal year, the financial statements of WAPS is audited by the State of Ohio. A complete list of audit is available online (keyword WAPS)

WAPS receives a federal community operating grant from CPB. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting Grant General Provisions and Eligibility Criteria are found online here.

As an outreach to minority and ethnic communities in the Akron/Canton, Ohio areas, WAPS-FM devoted the majority of our broadcast time on Sundays to nationality programs from 1990 to 2011.

After much review, study and consultation, WAPS-FM ended these traditional, once-weekly, on-air assorted programs in June 2011 and superseded hem with three unique FM HD Radio side channels serving the HD radio audience in greater Akron…..and, perhaps even more importantly, these 3 HD radio sub-channels have parallel streaming audio channels with the potential of a world-wide audience.

Two of the channels also have their own unique and highly interactive websites, with one channel, KIDJAM! Radio, and, targeting music and messages for children ages 8 to 12, and, one channel, Rock & Recovery, and, targeting music and positive messages for folks recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. WAPS-FM has an experienced, full-time radio programmer to oversee the marketing and programming of these two new channels.

The third side channel, Summit Flashbacks, is more an entertainment channel without any direct message, but, it targets fans of 1980’s-era underground pop-rock music that was the foundation upon which this entire radio station was built starting in 1986. This original audience has proven to be fiercely loyal to WAPS-FM and public radio, and, having a side channel devoted to the music of their past has proven to be beneficial in securing long-term membership dollar contributions for the greater good of all things WAPS-FM.

As WAPS-FM evolved, financial support from our licensee played a decreasing role in the percentage of our annual operating budget, and, as of July 1 2008, we now receive no direct financial funding from our licensee, The Akron Public Schools.

WAPS now airs a monthly “Turning Outward” broadcast project where we conduct a live broadcast from a local non-profit service/arts/cultural/health organization to bring the needs/services of that organization to light, and, when logistically possible, encourage listeners to visit the broadcast site.

We continued our presence at non-profit events including local outdoor arts festivals, marathons, civic events, the local libraries, and other non & for-profit events where large groups of people congregate…all raising awareness of the station and spreading the word of the unique assets of this public radio station. We look to further increase our participation in such events this year.

In 2011, WAPS-FM added our 24 hour online and HD streaming radio station targeting children ages 8-12, KIDJAM! Radio, which entered its second year of existence in 2012. The radio station is being tested as the foreground musical entertainment source in two local Akron Public Schools cafeterias/multi-purpose rooms. Even more promising is pilot program to install sound systems playing KIDJAM! Radio during after-school in the facilities of Akron area Boys and Girls clubs. This installation is being coordinated with a research study to see if the playing of KIDJAM! Radio in these facilities has any net positive/negative impact in the world of these kids…..and should it prove successful, could possibly result of the rollout of installing KIDJAM! Radio in affiliated Boys and Girls Clubs across the nation!

In 2014, a state of the art KIDJAM! Radio recording studio was constructed inside Akron Children’s Hospital. Our local radio station is giving a voice to young patients facing serious and life-threatening illnesses at Akron Children’s Hospital.

Patients can visit the studio to record messages or songs that will be played between music selections on the radio station’s KIDJAM! broadcast, which airs on Saturday mornings and around the clock through or the smartphone app.

Families will be given a digital copy of the recordings, as well as a photo taken in the broadcast booth. WAPS trains the Children’s expressive therapy center staff to make the recordings, which The Summit will edit remotely.

WAPS raised nearly $100,000 from donors to support the KIDJAM! project at Children’s. The center is The recordings from patients at Children’s will begin airing this summer from 11 a.m. to noon every Saturday, said Garrett Hart, the station’s creative content director. The goal is to expand the hours for the segments.

In 2012, WAPS continued our long-standing involvement with the local educational community. Being owned and operated by the Akron Public Schools, educational alliances have always played a major part in our game plan. During the school year, numerous tour groups pass through our doors, ranging from elementary school children to student teachers to school administrators…even Cub Scout troops. During each collegiate academic semester, WAPS Radio hosts an average of 3 student interns from local universities and broadcasting schools, and local high schools. No changes are planned in this program in 2014.

Late 2011 saw the Launch of “Rock and Recovery,” a worldwide 24-7 streaming audio channel that targets folks recovering from alcohol and/or drug addiction. The channel is a mix of adult-targeted pop/rock music from the last 30+ years, combined with positive and supportive messages. This channel is now well on its way to forging direct partnerships with local/regional addiction treatment centers, which may then be the basis for continuing these partnerships with national-level parent organizations of these local/regional offices.

The Summit, KIDJAM! Radio and Rock and Recovery continue to gain, local, state, and national recognition for their community outreach, unique collaborations, along with significant, and proven impact. The Summit brand-wide recognitions include: United Way of Summit County, Inside Business Magazine, Akron Life Magazine, ADM Board, MarComm, and many more.

The Friends of The Summit

The Friends of The Summit enhances the future of The Summit as a premier public media organization by enhancing financial support, promoting community interest, and providing advice and recommendations to station management and its license holder.

The Friends of The Summit is a tax-exempt, 501(c) 3, non-profit organization. The Friends of The Summit holds quarterly meetings; board members serve without pay.

EIN# 26-4312124


  • Gary Benz – Past Chair
  • Mark Belgya – Vice Chair
  • Michelle Charles – Treasurer
  • David Glass – Chair
  • Andy Platt – Secretary
  • Joe Feltes – Past Chair
  • Theresa Carter – Emeritus
  • Rich Kramer
  • Michelle Mostow
  • Don Misheff – Emeritus
  • Brenda Cummins
  • Gabe Nabors
  • Erin Driscoll
  • Steve Poholski
  • Henry Gulich
  • Cheryl McMillan


The Friends of The Summit is committed to providing broadcast channels free from discrimination in employment and opportunity because of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, ancestry, disability, gender, sexual orientation, or age, in accordance with the provisions of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Age Discrimination of 1975, and Regulations of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issued pursuant to these statutes at Title 45 Code of Federal Regulations Parts 80, 84, and 91.


The Friends of 91.3 and is available online through The State of Ohio Attorney’s general website Searchable through the keyword is Friends of 91.3, or EIN# 26-4312124.


Our diversity vision is inclusion in our station workforce, volunteers, contractors, and event participation all with the aim to best represent our broadcast service community.

WAPS has a small but mighty staff of full-time employees. Our goal is to attract, develop and retain the public radio professionals from all walks of life and backgrounds. Our culture of inclusion allows all individuals to feel respected. Together we treat our colleagues fairly, and management provides the necessary work-life balance opportunities that go beyond the workday.

This isn’t easy, and requires that all employees participate. WAPS management must have diversity and inclusion competencies to manage an engaged team. Others on the team must treat their colleagues with respect by listening to different viewpoints, opinions, thoughts and ideas and embracing a culture of inclusion.

WAPS Diversity Objectives: 

  • Diversity – Improve the representation of women and minorities within the radio station while integrating people with disabilities and Veterans via KIDJAM! Radio, Rock and Recovery and The Summit;
  • Inclusion – Create an all-encompassing work environment that allows imagination and innovation and promotes colleague engagement through awareness and inclusive leadership skills training, promoting Work Life Flexibility;
  • Communications – Ensure that Diversity & Inclusion initiatives, actions, and results are transparent to all key stakeholders ;
  • External Relations – Engage various external community groups that support and serve Akron Public Schools values and interests;
  • Accountability – Hold leadership accountable for Diversity & Inclusion goals and objectives.