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Summit Audibles

“When did the music change you?”  Was it a sudden epiphany? Did it happen over a prolonged period? Was it a song? A performance? Or a lyric that resonated with you at a critical time in your life? 

We call these milestones ‘Summit Audibles’! It is an opportunity for members, listeners, musicians, artists, or any fan of ‘music’ to talk about a transformative experience that changed them. It was a song that moved someone from the darkness into the light.  
The totality of an album gave new meaning to someone’s life. Or was it simply a chorus or a refrain, heard many times over, that suddenly, in the middle of the night, struck that person in an entirely new way. 

‘Summit Audibles’ gives that person a chance to talk about that metamorphic time in their lives, and then we honor that experience by playing that song or artist.  The cathartic presence of music played out in real-time with the life-affirming power of ‘Summit Audibles.’ 

These bite-sized segments from our station members air throughout the day and evenings.  


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Developed throughout the pandemic, our host, Marc Lee Shannon, reveals the tactics, routines, and habits of musicians, business leaders, and world-class performers on their recovery journey.  
Musician, writer, recovery advocate, and Certified Peer Recovery Specialist Marc Lee Shannon creates a safe space for those with substance-abuse disorders to share their stories, spotlighting those surviving and thriving in recovery. 
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Additionally, Marc shares his journey from darkness to the light, speaking frankly and honestly about his long-term recovery from substance use disorder. His poignant recall regarding his need to ask for help, and his ability to allow space for his guests to do the same, is uplifting, blunt, and inspiring.    

With 55 episodes, the podcast pushes into challenging areas, shining an even brighter light on those deeply embedded and working in the recovery movement.  

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