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Friends of The Summit


Friends of The Summit is an independent, nonprofit organization created to conduct fund raising activities for The Summit including: WAPS, WKTL,, KIDJAM! Radio™ and Rock & Recovery™.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the future of The Summit as a premier public media organization by enhancing financial support, promoting community interest, and providing advice and recommendations to station management and its license holder.

Click here to make a donation to “The Friends of The Summit Endowment Fund” at Akron Community Foundation.

Our commitment to The Summit

Building an endowment, a permanent source of funding to benefit and ensure the future of the radio station

Partnering with regional businesses, foundations and station members to gain and share knowledge that improves the community

Encouraging philanthropy among listeners, the business community and foundations

Advising provide advice and make recommendations to station management related to the overall programming, operations and strategies.

Our Board

The Friends of The Summit – comprises community members who are passionately committed to The Summit, its brands, and to public radio. Friends of The Summit come from diverse backgrounds, including business, law, finance, health care, the private and the public sector.

Friends of The Summit are a Public Charity

Friends of The Summit is a tax-exempt, 501(c) 3, non-profit organization. The Friends of The Summit holds quarterly meetings; board members serve without pay.

EIN# 26-4312124


  • Cheryl McMillan – Chair
  • Andy Platt – Vice Chair
  • Cliff Deveny – Treasurer
  • Erin Driscoll – Secretary
  • Mark Belgya
  • David Glass
  • Joe Feltes
  • Rich Kramer
  • Brenda Cummins
  • Steve Poholski
  • Nancy Brennan
  • Eliot Mostow
  • Morgan Lasher
  • Erin Misheff
  • Gary Benz – Emeritus
  • Theresa Carter – Emeritus
  • Don Misheff – Emeritus
  • Gabe Nabors – Emeritus
  • Henry Gulich – Emeritus

Nondiscrimination Policy

The Friends of The Summit is committed to providing broadcast channels free from discrimination in employment and opportunity because of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, ancestry, disability, gender, sexual orientation, or age, in accordance with the provisions of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Age Discrimination of 1975, and Regulations of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issued pursuant to these statutes at Title 45 Code of Federal Regulations Parts 80, 84, and 91.

Click here to make a donation to “The Friends of The Summit Endowment Fund” at Akron Community Foundation.