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Donate Your Car

Here at The Summit we are always looking for unique and different ways for our listeners to help out. As you know, membership is a HUGE part of keeping this radio station going each and every day, and our volunteers really step up to the plate whenever we have an event or big project to get done in a short amount of time. Still we know there are more folks out there who want to support this radio station in other ways…and we think we’ve found a good one! Why not donate your old car to The Summit?

The Summit has partnered with the CARS to help you find a good use for your old vehicle and help The Summit at the same time. Vehicle donations are a win/win for everyone. They’re the perfect way to support your favorite radio station (we receive 80% of the profit from the sale amount), and you can put your unwanted car, boat, motorhome or truck to good use. It’s easier than selling it, and you’ll get a tax receipt. We will process your donation and turn that car with miles into commercial-free music on The Summit.


Ready…Get ready by locating the title to your vehicle. Have your VIN ready as well as the address of where your vehicle is when you call.

Set…Set an appointment. Call our toll free number to set a convenient time to pick up your vehicle. Tell our donation specialist that you are calling to support The Summit.

Go…Give our driver your signed title. He’ll give you a temporary receipt and all necessary DMV paperwork. When your vehicle is sold, you will receive an acknowledgment stating the amount for which the vehicle sold and IRS tax forms 1098 (on vehicles that sell for over $500). You are then good to go and we’ll be on our way to providing commercial-free music to northeast Ohio.

To donate your vehicle, you can click here to fill out our online form, call 888-WAPS-123. Donors living outside metropolitan areas will need to call and verify their vehicle qualifies for donation.

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ page.

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