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Business Support

Thank you for considering a marketing partnership with The Summit

Our pledge to YOU guarantees that your underwriting announcements will run as contracted to an appreciative audience in a position to take advantage of your goods or services. In addition, The Summit is a non-profit, public radio station, which means your support is tax-deductible as a philanthropic gift.

About our Audience

The Summit’s audience is intensely loyal. Our listeners will visit your establishment, do business with you and thank you for your support of the station. Our members, who consider The Summit so valuable they provide us with the majority of our financial support, will take your message to heart. Underwriting on The Summit will allow you to generate tremendous goodwill and community awareness, and will positively impact a listener’s opinion of your organization.

Attributes of The Summit Audience

  • affluent
  • professional
  • diverse
  • well-educated
  • open minded
  • active

What is underwriting?

We acknowledge corporate contributions to the radio station with brief on-air messages called “underwriting.” Since these contributions help pay for programming costs, underwriting is to public radio what advertising is to commercial stations.

How Does Underwriting Help Your Business?

Business support on The Summit generates “top of mind” awareness. It helps you reach new customers, and is a long-term investment in your business or organization. Underwriting on The Summit is a smart, effective and affordable use of marketing and public relations dollars for long-term positioning.

The Summit Customizes Packages for Your Business or Organization

We offer packages to fit your needs that include on-air messages, web page sponsorship placement, hyperlinks to your site, and live events. Your Summit Account Representative will work with you to craft a package that fits your overall marketing strategy. We also offer partnerships as well as corporate challenge programs for The Summit on-air membership spring and fall membership campaigns.


Announcements are a maximum of 20 seconds in length.

Standard Opening Line:

“Support for The Summit provided by”

Closing Line:

“More information is available at {phone number} or online at {web address}” or “The phone number for more information is…”

Underwriting announcements may contain:

  • Sponsor’s name (mentioned a maximum of 3 times)
  • Location of business
  • Phone number and/or Internet address
  • Value – neutral description of business, products and services
  • 3 Brand, Vendor or Trade names

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) mandates that announcements may not include:

  • Comparative, Qualitative or Promotional language
  • Calls to Action
  • Pricing Information
  • Inducements to Buy, Sell, or Lease

The Summit does not permit the use of pre-produced announcements or music beds. All spots are read live. Voicing will be done by the Summit staff announcers. Final approval of copy lies with The Summit.
These regulations serve to protect the Non-Commercial content that public radio listeners value. In this way, the special integrity of the relationship between the station and its listeners extends to the underwriter as well.

Underwriting spots have several advantageous features.

  • They’re a maximum of 20 seconds long, and are read live by on-air hosts.
  • The Summit schedules no more than four underwriting spots per hour, allowing you to break through the “commercial clutter” of other stations.
  • Your message won’t be read in quick succession with others, allowing listeners to “tune out”–instead, the focus on your message is maximized.
  • For those 25 seconds your message is our programming, and then, it’s back to the music.
  • Listeners appreciate the “non-commercial” language of underwriting announcements, and are well aware that you, too, are supporting their favorite programming

The Summit prides itself on custom-suited packages for your advertising needs. If you would like to receive information or to set up an appointment to discuss your company’s needs and goals as well as the benefits of underwriting on The Summit, please contact one of our representatives.

Laura Smiley – Underwriting Sales Director — 330-701-6947 or