History OF WKTL

Struthers City Schools launched WKTL at 90.7, a low powered radio station, on September 13, 1965 thanks in large part to the tireless efforts of Struthers High School speech instructor, Stephen J. Grcevich.

A former local radio host, the vision of Mr. Grcevich was to "provide a unique laboratory to put classroom techniques to use." Federal grants aided with the funding of the station's creation, which found studio and office space nestled in the rafters of the impressive Field House at Struthers High School.

While a of handful of other school systems in Ohio owned and operated radio stations in that era, actual school students worked behind the scenes, while faculty and staff handled the vast majority of program hosting and student instruction.

WKTL, an acronym for "Key To Learning," was recognized as the first all-student staffed radio station in the country, with a broadcast schedule limited to the hours and days that school was in session.

Early on, the station had low broadcast power with a very limited coverage area. Over the years, several waves of technical improvements upped the signal's power and coverage, and local community volunteers supplemented the student broadcast staff, allowing the station to expand both its weekly schedule and mix of programming offerings, including a long-running roster of local nationality programs.

Times, tastes, student interests, and school budgets all evolve over time, and, as WKTL progressed into the early 21st century, there were doubts about the future direction of WKTL, or even if there would be a future for WKTL at all, as student involvement waned and broadcast hours continued to decline as equipment aged and became unreliable.
About an hour west of Struthers, a similar radio station owned by Akron Public Schools, WAPS 91.3FM, had faced similar nagging doubts and concerns in the early 1990s, but found success and prosperity as the 21st century dawned with a fresh new sound and listener-funded operational approach known as The Summit.

In 2010, technology was put into place that enabled WKTL to simulcast the sound of The Summit throughout the Mahoning Valley on 90.7FM Sunday through Friday, while still maintaining local Struthers studios and a selection of locally-produced nationality programs every Saturday.

In 2012, the Akron/Struthers arrangement was formalized into a long-term broadcasting agreement, and The Summit made a substantial financial investment to upgrade WKTL's Struthers studios and transmitting equipment. All this was done at no cost to the taxpayers of Struthers. The agreement also continued the local nationality programming on WKTL 90.7FM every Saturday.

Learn more about the Sound of the Summit on 90.7 Sunday through Friday here.

And check out the roster of nationality programs on 90.7 every Saturday here:

The WKTL Saturday Broadcast Schedule

It's a wide world of music every Saturday on 90.7 WKTL

Big Bands: 7am-9am
Doc Richards

Irish Program: 9am-10:30am
Larry Shearer

German Melodies: 10:30am-noon
Wolfgang Wengler

Hungarian Program: noon-1:30pm
Terry Check/Elizabeth Cibulas

Spanish Program: 1:30pm-3pm
Phil Gonzalez/Maggie McClendon

Italian Program: 3pm-4:30pm
Joe Mazzocca

Polka Jukebox: 4:30pm-6pm
John Ross

Tamburitzan Program: 6pm-7:30pm
Kay Sefcik

Ukrainian Program: 7:30pm-9pm
Marie Woloszyn/Anne Soroka

Slovak Program: 9pm-11pm
Dennis Spisak

The WAPS & WKTL Broadcast Partnership

The WAPS (Akron Board of Education) and WKTL (Struthers Board of Education) broadcast agreement is a long-term contractual partnership signed on March 13, 2013. This Public Service Operating Agreement allows WAPS to manage the day-to-day operations of WKTL.

FCC – EEO Report


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