Welcome to The Summit's Local Music links page! Have you ever heard a local artist on The Summit and wanted to learn more about them? Want to know when their next album is due out or where you can get their current release? Well, you've come to the right  place! From here you can visit your favorite local artists websites with the click of a button.

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Joseph Arthur

Joseph online

Michael Stanley

Michael online

The Black Keys

Black Keys online

Chris Allen

Chris online


Zach online

The Modern Electric

ME online

Jessica Lea Mayfield

Jessica Lea online

A Band Named Ashes

Ashes online

Ryan Humbert

Ryan online 


Lovedrug online

  Shivering Timbers

Timbers online

We Are Public Radio

PR online

Tracey Thomas

Tracey online 


Winslow online

The Lighthouse and The Whaler

TLTW online

  Hey Mavis

HM online

The Strange Familiar

TSF online

The Juke Hounds

JH online

15 60 75

The Numbers Band online

Kate Tucker

Kate online

Patrick Sweany

Patrick online

The Speedbumps

Speedbumps online

Rachel Roberts

Rachel online

Mark David & the Nightly Lights

Lights online

Don Dixon

Don online

Hey Monea

HM online

Brian Lisik

Brian online

Emma Shepard

Emma online

Yankee Bravo

YB online


Empires online

JD Eicher

JD online

Angie Haze

Angie online

Michael Weber

Michael online

Old Boy

OB online

Steal the Radio

StR online


Musica online

Kent Stage

Kent Stage online

EJ Thomas Hall

EJ Thomas online

Live Nation

Live Nation online

Lock 3 Live

Lock3Live online

Jacobs Pavilion

JP online

Beachland Ballroom

Beachland Ballroom website

House of Blues

HoB online

Playhouse Square

Playhouse Square online