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"You treat us so well; we just LOVE giving your our Red Guitar support!  What a great event that was- so much fun."

Red Guitar Members - Mary & Michael from Stow

"Thank you so much Tommy, it was a wonderful Red Guitar event! "

Red Guitar Members – Suzanne & Mitch from Fairlawn

"Hey, thank YOU, Tommy; the event was great in typical 91.3 fashion.  Of course, as the biased Tante, I was thrilled with the entertainment.  But that aside, it was the come-to-be-expected Summit fare: meet interesting and like-minded folks; support some local businesses; foster new talent; strengthen the ties between all of us and our enterprises that make a community.  And I think the caliber of these events--the tone, the station thank-you, the fun--is largely thanks to you.  So KUDOS, Bruno--we all are so lucky to have you at 91.3."

Red Guitar Members – Barb from Medina