Green Listener Ideas

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Solar Powered Gutter Lights - They are portable solar powered for everyday use on the gutters, fence, walls or any flat surface that can be dettached and reattached if you need a flashlight or to bring indoors if there is a storm coming or if power outages are expected. The extra battery capacity will run the light for 34+ hours on a single charge. Ideal for lighting homes, business, sheds, barns, fences, signs, vacant and foreclosed homes, vacation and rental homes, boats and yachts, and many more. Ideal for emergency use flashlight that is compact and completely rechargable. And you are going green by using this reusable product that is powered by the sun. - Vincent D'Onofrio (Selbyville, DE)

Silver Polish - This is a specialty aspect of household cleaning. Polishing your silver need not include toxic silver polishers.
Make a paste out of baking soda and water. Rub it thoroughly on your silver and watch it shine! - Cat Givens

Backyard Habitat - Turn your yard into a backyard habitat. It's so much more than providing birdfeeders or reducing the use of lawn chemicals. By planning a more natural landscape, using plants and materials that are found in our area of the country, you attract more nature and reduce lawn mowing. This will save you time, money, and fuel. Our natural habitat areas are shrinking due to expanding construction areas. We can live with nature by providing plants and features in our yards that supply the food, water, shelter, and place for insects / animals to raise their young. You can transform your yard into a mini nature oasis. Check out Animal Planet's show "Backyard Habitat" for excellent ideas on attracting beneficial insects and animals to your yard. - Julie DiVitto

Teach Your Children - Take your family out to enjoy the green and you all will be inspired to Go Green. Going Green at home starts with educating and involving our children. If we nurture our children's interest in nature, which they are usually already fascinated by all things outdoors, they will be more than willing to do their share of preserving / improving the environment. Children are very enthusiastic, caring, and full of terrific ideas. The whole family enjoys all there is to see in the F.A. Seiberling Nature Realm nature center and the hiking trails are just beautiful. - Julie DiVitto

Gifting and Easter - Instead of paper wrapping when gift giving, us a basket. They are reusable. Instead of tissue paper, use shredded paper from your own shredder! It's a colorful filler and a great way to reuse your old bills! This shredder paper is great for Easter Baskets, too! - Cat Givens

Reusing/repurposing old items - I love architectural salvage markets, I guess it's today's junk yard but more refined. I appreciate the historical significance of old items, things with loads of character. Reusing, or repurposing old items is really fun. We recently updated our outdoor light fixtures and landscape lights. Instead of throwing the old fixtures in the trash, I've cleaned them up and removed the electrical bits. They are now beautiful and interesting candle lanterns. Maybe I might turn one into a birdfeeder, or add some to a few posts on a decorative gate. Only your imagination limits you. So instead of throwing things out, think of how else it might be used; maybe in a totally unpredictable way. - Julie DiVitto

Rain Barrels - Place a rain barrel where your downspout is and use the water for dry spells. Visit for creative rain barrel how to ideas. - Cat Givens

Re-use pool water - Instead of dumping the water out of your little kiddie pool, use it to water your plants. That way the kids can enjoy the pool and stay cool, and you can water your flowers and garden without using more water. - Andrew James

Composting - You can cut down on your trash output and give back what you've enjoyed from the earth by composting. For more info on composting visit - Andrew James