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Holly from Akron

I went to the One eskimO show and absolutely loved it!! I really appreciate the free concert with this excellent band...the warm up was really good too (Scars on 45). 

It really made me feel good about this radio station I love so much! It made me happy to send more money too, even though times are kind of tough. 

Thanks for making Akron good for yet another reason!

Laura from Youngstown

Today for the first time in a long time I tuned into the Struthers High School radio station.  To my surprise and sheer delight, instead I found The Summit!  I used to dial up the Struthers station for want of something different.  I’m an NPR listener but not a classical music fan, and classic rock just doesn’t do it for me anymore.  I am thrilled to find you filling in a big gap in Youngstown’s music scene.

Pauline of Youngstown

I just scanned and found it.  It's my dream station. When I was used as a Neilsons rating person, it is the radio station I described....3 years ago and finally here/ hear it is!!!!  I love its breadth of music appreciation. Thanks Summit and 90.7!

Christine from Youngstown

Awesome....we in Northeast Ohio have waited so long for a great radio station. I hope to send more support when I can - I listen from morning to cable, not direct TV...because I keep it off.....of course, you all make it so easy with the great selection of music...I love it all the old and the new (especially)...there is no other station that I can listen to for more than 5 minutes....I really appreciate this station.

Michael of Boardman

I read an article months ago in the Youngstown vindicator.  Add me to the goal of 50 new members in the Youngstown area. I so love your station. We have nothing else like it. Thank you, keep up the great work!

Maggie from New Castle Pennsylvania

Just wanted to let you know how much I love your music selection! I listen to the audio streaming at work and 90.7 in my car. I have told friends on the west coast about it too! The music and no commercials are great. Awesome!

Melissa from Warren

I love it - The Summit audience - I feel like I fit into this group and not like you feel at a concert where you are the older person.  I love all the new music you've introduced me to over the years and your station is a true gem.  Thank you for including us in this wonderful event.  I now realize why I am a member and supporter of The Summit:  NOTHING COMPARES!

Frank from Youngstown

There is positively nothing that compares to The Summit. I want to help spread the word here in The Mahoning Valley. I love The Summit.

Linda from the Chicago area

A friend of mine mentioned the Summit to me years ago, when listening on-line to radio stations was still in its infancy. I should mention that I listen to the Summit despite the fact that I live in Chicago, and have easy access to WXRT. You folks are great, and your taste in music is even better!

Chuck from Parma

Driving to Akron for a client, I saw your billboard. After listening during my drive, I've tuned in online (I work in Cleveland) almost every day. Thank you for getting me through Tax Season. I've been waiting until the pledge drive to show my appreciation!

Darla from Tallmadge

“An Akron treasure”

Sarah from Aurora

I started listening when I was in high school back in the early 90s. When I moved back to the area a couple years ago, I was happy to find the station was still around and better than ever.

Frank & Janet from Girard

Last week my son borrowed my car and left the radio on the Summit as I discovered the next day. I liked what I heard and left it on. I have not turned it off for a week. I am stunned at the tremendous selection of new music and the tasteful selections from older artists. I listed all last evening in my living room and was relaxed and pleased when I went to bed. It has been a long time since I listen to music with that attention and received so much pleasure from it. I will now be changing my habit when arriving home after work to switching on the Summit, and settle in with evening home chores, I think I will be relaxed, yet energized at the same time. Sure beats falling asleep in the chair in front of the tube. I am looking forward to knowing The Summit.

Lisa from Canton

I've been listening to the Summit for many years now. I greatly appreciate the great variety of music played without much interruption! I especially enjoy the listening to you on-line. I know my pledge amount is small, but I hope it helps!

Linda From Canton

I've been listening to the Summit for several years now. It remains fresh, stimulating and enjoyable, keep up the great work! I look forward to many more years of listenership and support.

Dave & Nancy from Barberton

Was scanning the channels one day a few years back. Have been hooked ever since. Every time you had a membership drive, one or another economic issue (new stove, car repair, etc.) came up; keeping me from joining. FINALLY I can proudly say & my name is Nancy and I am the manager of Blooming Acres Greenhouse in Wadsworth and an avid fan of 91.3 the Summit. You are the best & you rock!!!

Beth from Salem

Just started listening on 90.7 Enjoy World Cafe on my way to work

Dan from Doylestown

Found the Summit channel surfing, looking for something other than the same old-same old; or the every hour on the hour pop monotony. That was about six years ago. I have wanted to join as a member for a long time. Unfortunately, between company downsizings, over qualified, age etc, the economy prevented certain financial desires temporarily. I listen during work in the car within the listening area and at home. Even my very progressive college student who poked fun at my & alternative choice now includes The Summit in his music list (hey he's 21 now and dad is getting smarter again). Looking forward to our relationship and the size of my donations growing.

Clint & Jennie from Akron

The Summit is the only station I listen to. Since moving back to Akron, I have wanted to become a member to support the radio station I listen to day and night, and thought what better time than now!

I listen at I at home doing things around the house and listen to and from work every day, and all other times I am in the car. I love the station am glad to help support it.

Lynn from Akron

Love it! Listen all the time and brag to friends and others about my radio station

Mitch and Shawn from North Canton

We have been huge fans of The Summit ever since discovering it. We listen every day, in the car, at work and at home. We love hearing the new music first before others have even heard of it.

Susan from Cuyahoga Falls

My friend turned me onto the Summit years ago. I listened for about a year, and then became a member (my last name has changed since then). I love the mix of local classic music, most importantly, no noisy commercials. You're always on in my car; it's the only station I tune into at home, besides NPR. You guys are great!

Todd & Kelly from Copley

We've been listening to The Summit since we moved to the Akron area eight years ago. We enjoy the diverse commercial-free format and the station's freedom to play music that other stations can't or won't. We also appreciate and respect the station's involvement in the community.

Jeff from Cuyahoga Falls

We both listen whenever we get into the car. Great music, selections.

Daniel from Poland, OH

I found the Summit driving down I 76 through Kent, OH. And I thought Wow! This is all the music I would program if I had a station. And then I lost you but I was excited to find it again on WKTL 90.7 (out of Struthers, OH. my old high school).

David & Linda from Akron

We have been listening to you since we moved back in 2007. This membership is long overdue! 91.3 is literally the only radio station I listen to when I am in range. Keep up the great work!

Michele from North Royalton

Your station is the only one that I can listen to consistently day after day without having to turn the radio dial!!! You are the only station that consistently plays not only new songs from popular artists, but great hits from the 80's and 90s that I grew up listening to…without being accused of being old…I also enjoy the local artists. The fact that you don't have commercials is one of the main reasons why I've stayed a fan of yours for the past 3 years and I love all the d-jays. Thanks for such a great radio station! You can count on my support year after.

Sharon from Hinckley

I have been a Summit listener for over ten years. I listen at home, in my car and at work.

Amanda from Sharpsville, PA

Searched for a few months for a good station on the radio, came across this station at 90.7 and realized it’s a GREAT mix. Now I have it as a favorite on the computer, listen in the studio and on the road :)

Larry from Mogadore

What I like most is the variety. I can listen to new music, polkas, and some just excellent other genres all at one place.

Ceci from Akron

I have listened to your station from the beginning and yes I remember when you were off the air during the summer. I love Bill Hall's vintage selections. I promised myself I would become a member when I last spoke with Heather Burns at a party we both attended last August...sorry I didn’t do this sooner.

Bridget from Akron

Your station changed the way I listen to music in the car. I used to be a channel scanner. I'd flip through all the channels until I found a song I liked, stop, listen and move on when the song ended. I noticed that I was spending a lot of time down at the low end of the dial one day, so I hung out on your station for a while just to see what it was, and that was the end of my channel scanning days.

Danielle of Akron

We love the summit and listen every day. Proud to be able to support something so wonderful and local! Keep up the great work.

Rob & Jill from Medina

We listen all day, in the car 'til we break out of Medina County into Cuyahoga... our kids have the best taste in music for 10 and 7 because of your station. Justin Beiber who???? You are a big part of our day every day. Thank you for keeping it up for all these years!

Debbie from Cuyahoga Falls

Love the station, have been to several 91.3 events with other members and listen daily. Glad now I can also be a member. Love the World Café

Gary from Canal Fulton

I love public radio in all its forms, found The Summit while dial cruising. Loved what I heard, we must be cut from the same cloth. Brings me back to my college days when I was a campus radio DJ, which incidentally, was 91.3 in Rapid City. THANKS SO MUCH!

Robert from Barberton

This is the only radio station I listen to. I am a big King Crimson fan; thanks for playing more of them recently!

Cat from Akron

Only radio station I listen to. Thanks for being there.

Andrew from Cuyahoga Falls

The Summit = Awesome! Seriously, I would have no use for an FM radio without you guys. You add to the quality of life in Akron, not only with the excellent music you play, but with the works you do for the community. I'm glad to support quality music brought to us by quality people.

Nita from Tallmadge

Thank you for the One Eskimo concert and Art Museum visit. It was a wonderful perk for supporting a wonderful radio station.

Kimberly of Cuyahoga Falls

I listen every day. Love the variety. Love World Cafe. Listen to Latin, Italian, blues, and sometimes bluegrass shows.

Todd of Palm City, Florida

Used to listen in Ohio. Now listen on line. It is a great station, I miss it. It is nice to get it online.

James of Akron

I am so happy to have found 91.3! There is no station like it. I love the variety of songs played, the DJ's and the local hometown touch of the station!

Elizabeth of Cuyahoga Falls

We have actually been members since 2004, stumbling upon the radio station one day. Our kids also enjoy listening to the station, ages 9, 8, and 8 and had a wonderful time at Station concert last year to hear The Script. They still talk about the band, their music, and the fun time.

John of Oceanside, California

I've been working in Barberton Monday through Thursday every day for the past 6-9 months and have loved listening to 91.3 the Summit while here. We've nothing quite like it back in Southern California where I live, it reminds me of the best parts of the BBC music radio stations in my native United Kingdom. As a lover of diverse music, it's important to me that stations like 91.3 The Summit survive and thrive.

Nicole of Hartville

I'm so proud being a member of 91.3 The Summit! I LOVE YOU GUYS!! Thank you for all you do!!

Suzanne of Cleveland

I started listening (streaming online) after meeting DJ Heather Burns. I love the station, specifically the variety of music and that it is commercial free.

Nicole of Brunswick

I enjoy listening to Bill Hall in the mornings and like the diversity of the music!

Julie of North Canton

I listen to The Summit every day at work - I get in such a funk if I don't have The Summit playing in the background! I truly enjoy the music The Summit plays, especially local artists like The Woovs and The Modern Electric. I also enjoy listening to the on-air talent - they are like friends! It's also great to hear from Liz while she's at Bonnaroo or SXSW. Since I can't go, it's great to hear from someone who's there. Even though I can't always volunteer or attend members-only shows, I feel a real sense of community with The Summit and it's listeners. You're a great radio station and I'm proud to be a Summit supporter!